Refugee Talent Joins Techfugee Hackathon Adelaide – May 2017

The Techfugees Adelaide hackathon 2017 was the first of its kind in Adelaide that took place in Torrens University Australia last May. The event, organised by Techfugees Australia, brought in refugees, NGOs and technical experts into the same room, with the aim of developing new websites and apps to to solve specific problems.

Refugee Talent actively participated in the event and shared some of their journey since they started from the first Sydney hackathon in 2015.

Nirary Dacho – Co-Founder & CEO of Refugee Talent was amongst the judging panels.

Techfugees is a UK founded initiative harnessing the international tech community’s skills to assist with the global refugee crisis, the Australian offshoot was set up in 2015 with the aim of helping refugees settle into the Australian community.

Having had four hackathons, the Adelaide meetup was an opportunity for the organisers to showcase their work that addressed problems facing immigrant communities in accessing services and capital.

The participants did a great job, investing their time and talent to making a better future for refugees in Australia. It was very exciting to see how all the organising committee, volunteers, sponsors, supporters, mentors, judges and observers supported Techfugees. All of the Techfugees projects showed the diverse range of needs and talents of refugees and new immigrants.

Some of the great ideas to come out of the weekend include:
Pathways – a platform providing relevant information for recognising qualifications and education pathways for refugees.

Sponsors and Supporters of #TechfugeesADL hackathon

Law Lift – an app helping refugees fill out legal forms
Refugees Welcome – matching refugees looking for accommodation with hosts
Errand Assist – connecting refugees in need with people who can help
Cultura – connecting refugees and communities to eat together
Centrefuge – Digital Assistant for refugees

Techfugees – the startup community brought people together to develop creative tech solutions to help refugees settle and build productive lives in their new home and opening up inspiring opportunity. With technology changing the workforce, harnessing

The exhausted but ecstatic participants of the Inaugural Techfugees Adelaide Hackathon!!

the talents and work ethic of displaced people could well be one of the strengths for this century as well. Techfugees is a small taste of what could be done.

Whereas, Refugee Talent is a digital platform connecting skilled refugees with companies offering short- and long-term job opportunities. They want to see innovation and smarts applied not just to open up economic opportunity, but also to improve the quality of life in communities across the country. Refugee Talent is proud to be partnering with many companies from large corporate, to government departments and even start-ups, bringing in diverse skills to Australia’s workforce.