Refugee Intern platform helps employers find skilled refugee workers

Source: Fairfield Champion

Refugee Talent co-founder and CTO Nirary-Dacho

Refugee Talent co-founder and CTO Nirary-Dacho

Nirary Dacho applied for more than 100 jobs after he arrived in Australia from Syria in June 2015.

The Smithfield resident’s Masters of Web Science, IT certifications and eight years of experience in IT working from Syria and Lebanon were ignored by Australian employers.

The frustrations of being highly skilled and unemployed were finally alleviated after he appeared on television, which led to a contract with Dolby Australia.

“My problem is solved … but what about the others?” he said.

“As a refugee, it is very hard to find a job because of many barriers and the main two are local experience – the most important – and the language.”

Seeing many refugees arrive in Australia and struggle to find work that fit their qualifications, Mr Dacho was determined to find a solution.

“Most [refugees] had to change their profession to get any job to support their families, for example an engineer could be a taxi driver, anything rather than engineer,” Mr Dacho said.

In November 2015, Mr Dacho met Anna Robson at TechFugees Australia Hackathon.

Ms Robson had previously worked on Nauru and was concerned about the challenges facing refugees.

“Working in Nauru, I found out how lots of talented people who arrive in Australia as refugees don’t get to use their skills just because they can’t find a job due to their lack of local experience and contacts,” Ms Robson said.

“I wanted to do something to help, but didn’t know how.”

Together, Mr Dacho and Ms Robson developed Refugee Intern, a website that provides a platform for skilled refugees to connect with employers.

“From my experience there is many businesses want to help refugees, but they don’t know where they can find all skilled refugees … and that what Refugee Intern provides,” Mr Dacho said.

“For business, we providing a central place to look for refugees, easy way to post positions and recommendation system to find candidates.”

Supported by Settlement Services International’s Ignite Small Business Start-ups initiative, Refugee Intern has already seen success stories with more than 50 candidates and 10 businesses using the website.

For more details, visit the Refugee Intern website.

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