Nirary Dacho – The Guest Speaker of ASRC Business Connect Event in Refuge Week 2017

This year the city of Melbourne witnessed an incredible array of exciting events to conclude World Refugee Week on 24th June 2017. The festivity was hosted by various refugee organisations to welcome people from refugee communities to celebrate the diversity in Australia.

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) Business Connect Event is one of its kind coinciding with this year’s Refugee Week. The event featured inspirational guest speakers offering insights on entrepreneurship in Australia and networking opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs, educators, mentors, funders and other business people in the community. Nirary Dacho, CTO of Refugee Talent was honoured to be a guest speaker at The Difference Incubator in the ASRC Business Connect Event.

Nirary shared his aspirations of Refugee Talent, helping refugees gain meaningful employment, enabling people to use their skills and experience to be financially empowered and elevating diversity in the workplace.

The ASRC Business Connect events are held on a regular basis as part of the ASRC Entrepreneurs Program. A four stage program enabling participants to gain valuable skills, and knowledge and networking to pursue their business aspirations in Australia especially those that are keen and ready to launch their own startups. The event welcomes people seeking asylum and the program remains more committed than ever in providing them with invaluable information to improve, evolve and expand their business. Since the program’s launch in 2015, it has helped over 80 participants to regain their self-confidence and self-belief, expanded their networks within the Melbourne business community and led to the launch of 10 businesses.

The Team at Refugee & Migrant Talent has expanded!

Refugee Talent has experienced some incredible growth in the past 6 months, and with the launch of our sister platform Migrant Talent, we realised we needed more hands on deck to continue to provide an optimal service and support to both our candidates and employers. It was our turn to be in the shoes of our prospective employers, enthusiastic for the opportunity in finding the right people to join our team, and what better way than it is to seek talents through our own Refugee and Migrant platforms! We welcome Dana, Candidate Care – making the all-important initial contact with our candidates and Shyamolima, Marketing Coordinator – connecting us with you through our social media and the creator of our very first Refugee and Migrant Talent e-newsletter!

At Refugee Talent, we celebrate World Refugee Day this June by bringing our whole team together across Australia to our office in Sydney.

Did we mention that our team was growing? We are delighted to also announce two more members Andrew, Story Teller – captivating the nation with his narrative and Shuelin, Operations Manager – smooth operator of workflow and process management. We bring together a diverse work group, mirroring our vision of engaging global talents with businesses.

“Workplace diversity is not an empty slogan, it is good business decision”.

Harvard Business Review

The Team at Refugee and Migrant Talent would like to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Thank you’ to all our candidates, employers, volunteers and community organisations for your continued support.